The Society of Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals of British Columbia is registered under the BC Society’s Act.

The purposes of the society are:

(a) to facilitate the review of contaminated site submissions on behalf of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment;

(b) to regulate and govern the conduct of contaminated sites approved professionals by setting categories of and requirements for membership;

(c) to assist the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment with the development of regulatory procedures and policies related to Approved Professional work;

(d) to provide members and prospective members with education and training in Contaminated Sites Approved Professional procedures and practices;

(e) to establish practical, professional and ethical standards for members and ensure that members meet those standards in performing Contaminated Sites Approved Professional work;

(f) to uphold and protect the public interest by ensuring the integrity, objectivity and expertise of members;

(g) to cooperate and consult with other professional and scientific bodies, stakeholders and local and provincial government; and

(h) to inform the public of the contaminated site review process and the role of the society and its members in that process.


CSAP Bylaws