The Ministry’s Site Remediation News Jan – April 2021 provides useful information including a table with links to the guidance documents

CSR Stage 13 Amendments effective Feb 1st 2021.

Response to Comments received during the protocol consultation period

Other links of interest:

  • New protocols links

  • New preapprovals link 

Please submit questions related to Protocol 6 preapproval applications to [email protected] and they will be addressed individually.

  • New forms

SoSC, SRCR, NoIR and NoOM can only be submitted as ENV fillable pdf: SoSC; SRCR; NoIR; NoOM;

Site disclosure statements

A new site disclosure statement will be used starting February 1, 2021, to replace the current site profile. Please view the Site disclosure statement (PDF, 143 KB).

Communication expectations (formerly AG11)

Ministry’s expectations for communications between source parcel and affected parcel owners

ENV is planning on holding more webinars regarding  Stage 13 Amendments, the schedule will be released in the Site Remediation New publication.

Previous ENV Webinars regarding Stage 13 Amendments

Webinars were presented that describe the upcoming changes to the site identification provisions in the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation. The recordings are now available:

November 26, 2020 – information for all stakeholders

December 2, 2020 – information for municipalities and approving officers

Keyword search of documents and forms posted on ENV website, available for CSAP members through Member’s Services, now includes new ENV webpages:

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