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Remediation is a public good that restores land values and accelerates economic development. The CSAP Society represents the best interests of the public, stakeholders, industry and the environment. The CSAP Society is an independent professional organization that plays an integral role with industry, cities, municipalities and the public in remediating land for redevelopment.

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About Contaminated Sites

Historically, British Columbia’s economic growth was tied to businesses that leveraged our natural resources. While much of this development was centered in the Lower Mainland, many other areas of BC were impacted by agricultural, mining, and forestry, as well as oil and gas operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clean water and clean land that poses no health hazards to either humans or the natural environment is good for the public and the province.

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Complaints and Discipline

CSAP has a legislated mandate to regulate our members.

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Need help assessing the potential requirements for land remediation?

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Contaminated Sites 101

The Ministry of Environment offers an Introduction to Contaminated Sites in BC.

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