Become a Contaminated Site Approved Professional

When you become a member of CSAP, you become an Approved Professional and are added to the roster of  professionals approved by the Ministry of Environment to review contaminated sites and assist  in their clean up. Membership benefits include listing in the roster, professional development opportunities and the ability to contribute professionally to developing best practice, as well as Ministry of Environment policy and new regulations.

Membership Guidelines
What does CSAP membership mean for you?

The guidelines provide you with the eligibility criteria, application requirements and outline your responsibility to the organization in terms of conduct and professional development.

Membership Guidelines (Dec 2023) [Use Chrome]

Associate Membership Guidelines (July 2021)

The decision regarding an Applicant’s eligibility is based on the information contained in the Applicant’s work experience details. Applicants are therefore encouraged to include as much information as possible in their work experience details. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient information is provided prior to the application deadline, to avoid a delay in the processing of an application, possibly beyond the cut-off dates for an examination and/or interview sitting.

Examination Information

CSAP generally conducts exams once a year. April 26th, 2024 is the Exam application deadline and the due date to pay the Experience review (if you are a new candidate), and August 16th, 2024 is the due date to pay the Exam Fees. Please do not send any cheques or pay online any exam fees unless you have received a confirmation letter.

The Technical Oral Assessment will consist of case studies and/or scenarios with follow-up questions that will assess the candidate’s technical knowledge and experience. This is not an interview. The Oral Assessment will be conducted by a two-person panel with experience in the category being evaluated (Numerical or Risk-based). Each question will be evaluated as correct or incorrect according to a proper Scoring rubric. The complete exam will be qualified as pass or fail. Dates and times will be informed individually to each applicant by July 19th.  The dates we have secured for the Numerical  Oral assessment will be Tuesday, September 10, 2024, and the Risk-based Oral assessment on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.
Examinees will not need to wait for a minimum of three candidates to register for an exam.

The date we have set aside for the Regulatory examination is Thursday, November 14, 2024.
The examination is regulatory-based. To become a member of the Society, Applicants must achieve a pass in the regulatory examination and successfully fulfill the requirements of a technical Oral Assessment based on the Approved Professional designation for which they are eligible (Numerical Standards or Risk-based Standards).

Please forward your application and inquires to [email protected]


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Experience Review
Your Experience Counts

The experience review panel is interested to find out how long you have been working in the environmental field, what kinds of projects you have worked on and other relevant areas of experience.

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Application Information

Examination Statistics

Examination Fees

Experience Review Fees

Application Templates and Forms

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Exam Application Form fillable form

Template for Presentation of Experience – Word version

Supervisor’s Reference Form  fillable form [Use Firefox browser]

Parent Organization Confirmation Request Form  fillable form – Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to complete this form. [Use Firefox browser]