CSAP applicants are required to have a minimum of 10 years experience.

CSAP applicants must submit work experience details presented according to the Presentation of Experience template. Work experience details will not be otherwise accepted.

The Presentation of Experience template includes the following components:

  • Curricula Vitae
  • Position Descriptions
  • Project Descriptions
  • Summary Table
  • Optional Statement of Qualifications
  • One hard copy (with referee signatures) and one electronic copy of the applicant’s work experience details presented according to the Template for Presentation of Experience are required.
    You will also need the Approved Professional signatures for the three successful submissions for Ministry Instruments made under Protocol 6 for which you played a primary role.                      

The decision regarding an applicant’s eligibility is based on the information contained in the applicant’s work experience details. Applicants are therefore encouraged to include as much information as possible in their work experience details. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient information is provided prior to the application deadline, to avoid a delay in the processing of an application, possibly beyond eligibility for a targeted sitting of the examination.

In order for an exam to be held it is necessary to have at least three approved applicants.

Template for Presentation of Experience – Word version [Use Internet Explorer]

Reference Forms (Appendix 5- Membership Guidelines) [Use Internet Explorer]

Applicants must send a copy of the reference form and a copy of the portion of the work experience and project details which the referee is asked to validate to each of his or her referees asking that the referees complete and return the reference forms directly to the Society. Referees should not return the completed form to the applicant.

Reference forms will not be accepted by the Society unless received directly from the referee.

The Experience Review Fees are due  June 5th, 2020.

Experience Review Fees

Technical Exams
$500.00 CAD

Pay the Experience Review Fee online.