About Us

The CSAP Society is an independent professional organization that is mandated by the Provincial Government, through the Ministry of Environment, to review environmental certification applications made under the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation. The Society credentials its members and recommends they be appointed to the Ministry of Environment  Roster of Approved Professionals (APs).

In BC, the Ministry of Environment is responsible for regulations detailing safe and legal levels of soil and water contaminants. Members of the CSAP Society are qualified to review all low to medium environmental certification applications to ensure these regulations are being met.  They perform an important role for the government and for landowners by addressing potential contamination issues in a timely manner which helps advance redevelopment projects. All low to medium risk sites seeking a ministry Certificate of Compliance must be reviewed by a Contaminated Site Approved Professional.

CSAP Vision Statement:

CSAP Society, a trusted resource for sound environmental stewardship.

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CSAP Mission Statement:

The Society endeavors to serve:


  • Through accreditation,  professional ds
  • Through promoting cooperation and mentoring while adhering to our ethical standards
  • Through managing the CSAP Society in a manner that maintains sustainability and longevity

Government and the Public

  • By instilling confidence through developing and maintaining strong professional standards of practice
  • By facilitating, advising and making sound recommendations regarding recognition, investigation and remediation, as well as for guidance and  policy development of contaminated sites
  • By engaging the public in seeking feedback and input


  • By creating value through transparent, efficient and timely processes
  • By proactively identifying areas for change and improvement
  • By engaging stakeholders and seeking feedback and input on matters that affect industry