TG-1 Site Characterization and Confirmation Testing January 2009

TG-2 Statistical Criteria for Characterizing a Volume of Contaminated Material January 2009

TG-3 Environmental Quality Standards February 2009

TG-4 Vapour Remediation and Investigation September 2010

TG-5 Sampling and Determining Soil pH at Soil Relocation Receiving Sites October 2005

TG-6 Assessment of Hydraulic Properties for Water Use Determinations v3.10 December 2015

TG-7 Supplemental Guidance for Risk Assessments v4 November 2015

TG-8 Groundwater Investigation and Characterization July 2010

TG-9 Chlorophenol Aquatic Life Water Quality Standards October 2005

TG-10 Checklist for Reviewing a Preliminary Site Investigation October 2005

TG-11 Checklist for Reviewing a Detailed Site Investigation June 2005

TG-12 Statistics for Contaminated Sites October 2005

TG-14 Operation of Soil Treatment Facilities for the Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil April 2013

TG-15 Concentration Limits for the Protection of Aquatic Receiving Environments April 2013

TG-16 Soil Sampling Guide for Local Background Reference Sites June 2005

TG-17 Soil Quality Database February 2016

TG-18 Standards for Substances in Schedule 10 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation January 2009

TG-19 Assessing and Managing Contaminated Sediments August 2005

TG-20 Applicability of Sodium and Chloride Ion Soil Relocation Standards to Dredged Marine and Estuarine Materials v2.1 August 2013

TG-22 Using Monitored Natural Attenuation and Enhanced Attenuation for Groundwater Remediation v1.15 November 2014