CSAP Election of At-Large Directors 2023 Candidates’ Statements

Tadd Berger, M.Sc., P.Ag.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional
I have over 25 years of experience as a contaminated site professional and have been an active member of CSAP for approximately 11 years. In supporting CSAP, I have volunteered as an experience reviewer, held a position with the membership committee, and I am currently the lead for the Regulatory Exam Development Team. If elected I will continue to diligently serve to the benefit of the larger CSAP community. I will bring my experience to support a fair and effective society, and work to build new and stronger bridges with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Jason Christensen, P.Eng.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional

I enjoy being a CSAP member and currently participate on the performance assessment committee and exam development team at CSAP. I have greater than 20 years experience as an environmental engineer and 7 years as an Approved Professional. My goal as a board member would be to promote practical and science based regulatory solutions, provide guidance to members with a new question and answer forum, and discuss opportunities with BC ENV to possibly expand CSAP’s role and assist BC ENV to reduce review timelines. I am interested in continuing to contribute to the society and working with accomplished board members, BC ENV, Industry and other stakeholders.

Michael Gill, P.Eng.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional
I have been an environmental consultant for over 20 years, and a CSAP for the past 9 years. During that time I’ve helped create the CSAP numerical exams, participated on the membership committee and the technical review committee, reviewed the experience summary of applicants, and been a performance assessment panel member.

The CSAP Society improves the lives of British Columbians, and my intent is to continue the improvement of BC’s environment by serving as a board member, and improving the relationship and communication between ENV and CSAP.

David Mitchell, P.Eng.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional
I have over 25 years of experience as a contaminated sites assessor and 14 years of experience as an Approved professional. I have made a large number of CSAP submissions in my career and I am still very active. I am the current Chair of the Professional Development Committee and serve on the Performance Assessment Committee. If elected, I would continue to develop the new Lunch and Learn seminars.

Mandeep Purewal, R.P.Bio & P.Ag
Risk-based Standards Specialist
I have had the privilege of being a CSAP member since 2017. In that time, I have served on the Technical Review Committee for 2 years, the Exam Development Sub-Committee for 5 years, and have recently had the honour of being appointed as the CSAP Exam Sub-Committee Chair. Should I be elected, I look forward to leading other committees and working closely with the CSAP board to develop policies that support reasonable approaches and sound professional judgement for our members.

Tara Siemens Kennedy, P.Chem

Risk-based Standards Specialist
I am running for a Member at Large position on the CSAP Board of Directors. I previously served on the BoD from 2017 to 2021, and hope to be elected again so that I can continue to contribute to the Society, with an interest in ensuring effective and timely communication of technical and regulatory information to the AP community, as well as fairness and consistency. I am currently the Detailed Screening Coordinator and a member of the Performance Assessment Committee, was the Secretary and Vice President during my last term on the BOD (2019 to 2021), former Chair of the Discipline Committee (2017 to 2019) and have participated in various other CSAP projects (e.g., TRC) since 2011.

Michael Sloan, M.Sc., P.Eng.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional
I have been an environmental engineer practicing in BC for more than 25 years and an active member of the CSAP Society since 2007. My experience with the clean-up of contaminated sites began while working in the BC Ministry of Environment during the 1990s and has since encompassed a variety of former mining and petroleum industry operations.

Within the CSAP Society, I served on the Technical Review Committee from 2016 to 2018. As a director-at-large, I helped lead the Membership Committee over the past two years to streamline our new member qualification process. I look forward to continuing this effort.

Andrew Sorensen, P.Eng.
Numerical Standards Approved Professional
I am proud to have been a CSAP member since 2010. During my previous terms on the Board, I have helped us navigate the omnibus amendments, the post-Stage 13 landscape, and the initial uncertainties with Stage 14. After a challenging period, I believe our relationship with ENV is trending in a much more positive direction, something that is critical to our long-term sustainability. To that end, I believe we can continue to expand the services we provide on ENV’s behalf. As always, my primary goal is to advocate for practical approaches for members, practitioners, and our clients.