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The British Columbia Ministry of Environment is responsible for the regulation of contaminated sites and as such has created a lot of information related to legislation and regulations and standards. It has also created a registry of known contaminates sites.

You can find all the information on the home page of the Ministry of Environment’s Remediation section: Ministry’s Remediation Home Page

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Contaminated Site Approved Professionals are familiar with the regulations and required technical standards as well as methods necessary to bring land back to the standards set out in the Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation. When a land owner or prospective buyer want to clean up a site and demonstrate it has been appropriately investigated or remediated, they can turn to a Contaminated Site Approved Professional for their expertise and advice.

All Contaminated Site Approved Professionals are qualified by the CSAP Society. They must meet both education and experience requirements as well as carry appropriate liability insurance. Successful candidates are recommended and appointed by the Director of the Ministry of Environment. In addition to meeting CSAP Society requirements, members must also be registered with one of the specified BC professional associations.

Cleaning up remote sites and redeveloping the more accessible sites offers many public benefits including environmental protection, job creation, new housing and business development, preservation of agricultural and forest land, and revitalized older neighborhoods.

  • Industrial and commercial land owners who need to remediate their land
  • Developers and prospective buyers
  • Environmental consultants who provide remediation services, but who may not have an Approved Professional on staff
Certification that a site has been remediated in accordance with regulations allows land owners and developers to obtain any required municipal permits and to arrange financing. Certification also significantly reduces the potential for ongoing environmental risk and associated liability.
The CSAP Society is mandated by the ministry to perform due diligence on regulatory submissions. The CSAP Society randomly selects submissions for performance assessment audits to assist in maintaining the high standards of work conducted by Approved Professionals. A panel of peers conducts a performance review to ensure that the submitting Approved Professional has met current regulatory requirements.

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