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COVID-19 Advisory Notice
CSAP is now accepting electronic fee payments along with electronic submissions. Submissions will be logged in according to the date/time we receive the complete package and payment. Payment can be made by electronic transfer, an image of the cheque, or by mail. Please contact Anna at apopova@csapsociety.bc.ca for courier instructions.

ENV clarification regarding contact email address

All enquiries regarding applications, whether they be from APs, QPs, clients/industry or even internal to government, be submitted to the Client Information Officer at csp_cio@victoria1.gov.bc.ca .

Any other enquiries are to be sent to the email addresses specified on our Contact Us webpage. For examples Site ID related questions go to SiteID@gov.bc.ca and technical questions would be submitted to remediationFAQs@gov.bc.ca

CSR Stage 13 Amendments

The CSR Stage 13 Amendments effective Feb 1st introduce many changes to the instrument application requirements and process, below are some links that maybe helpful in navigating the modernized ENV website.

CSR Stage 13 Amendments

More information about ENV updates, webinars registration, up-coming changes can be found here: Site Remediation News

**NOTE** Access to Member Services (former Online Submissions Manager) is currently available; however, applications cannot be made.

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Protocols are technical procedures that are legally required under the Contaminated Sites Regulation.

Visit the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy website.


Procedures are used by Ministry of Environment staff to guide their administration of the contaminated sites legislation and regulations.

Visit the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy website.


The Ministry of Environment has adopted polices for contaminated sites which focus on scientific, technical and legal policy decisions. Relevant reports and recommendations.

Visit the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy website.