Ministry Updates Summer 2012 to Spring 2020

Previous Members Updates

MEMBERS UPDATE – Spring 2020

Message from the President

Hello fellow members. If there is a theme to this Spring Members Update, I think it’s best summed up as “Strange Days Indeed”. I am sure all of you are working your way through these interesting times, adapting as best you can. I hope that you and your families, friends and colleagues are all safe and coping well.

CSAP continues to operate in the Covid-19 world, although we have had to make some adjustments. A key change is that we will postpone the Annual General Meeting until late September, which is within the range allowed under the Society’s Act. This will reduce pressure on everyone’s already upended lives and afford us time to identify and implement an approach and online platform that is appropriate for the needs of an AGM (including voting, questions from the floor, and so on).  Happily, the Ministry has agreed to carry on with their plans to provide a half-day of Professional Development content through a webinar to be held at the time previously planned for the AGM (Morning of June 16th). I am grateful for this as much of their planned content is very timely. Please check the PD Committee update below.

As a consequence of the AGM being delayed, we will retain the current board and committee membership until September. If you are a volunteer committee member and are not available to serv on your committee through the summer, please contact your Committee Chair or Catherine to discuss this with them. Otherwise, CSAP operations will continue more or less on pace. CSAP staff are all working from home and all meetings will be held virtually, but mail is being received, cheques are being issued, submissions are being processed Performance Assessments are being conducted.

We hope to see you all online at the June 16th Spring PD Workshop. Until then, in the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, “Be kind, be calm and stay safe!”.

Tony Gillett, P.Eng.

Ministry Updates/ Clarifications:

COVID-19: Land Remediation Section has staffing resources in place to maintain all core business functions.  All electronic mailboxes and normal communication channels remain open and are being monitored regularly.  Please note that all meetings will be handled by phone or online.

During the provincial state of emergency, the ministry has seen a steady and increased number of applications and we are processing things business-as-usual.  If you have COVID-19 challenges related to submitting applications, please identify this to the ministry’s Client Information Officer ( and we will work with you to address your concerns.

The Land Remediation Section requests that all enquiries be directed to email addresses available on the Contact us webpage (hyperlink:  This new system of receiving and distributing questions will help the ministry effectively manage enquiries thus enabling the ministry to update guidance and general information.

A summary of previous Ministry Clarifications is available here.

Ministry Updates Summer 2012 to Winter 2020

Performance Assessment Committee Updates

Recent submissions have been found Protocol 6 ineligible due to lack of Director’s Approval not to delineate and remediate the entire extent of contamination.  As stated in Protocol 6. Table 2, Item 1 – a Director’s Approval is required prior to application for a legal instrument if the submission does not include the entire area of contamination, including contamination at the source parcel and contamination which has migrated from that parcel to a neighboring parcel or parcels.  The requirement for a Director’s Approval not to delineate and remediate the entire extent of contamination includes all neighboring parcels affected by migrating contaminants, including those that do not fall within provincial jurisdiction.

Lessons Learned

A recurring lesson learned from performance assessments involves technical reports submitted for legal instrument applications which are limited to the most recent environmental investigation and remediation information, with historical reporting provided in appendices. Environmental work to achieve site closure often requires many years, if not decades, to complete and many previous reports and related documents, possibly by multiple consultants and regulators may have been prepared for the site.  While it is recognized that the effort required to consolidate the historical reporting with the current investigations and remediation may be significant, it is necessary to provide context and rationale for the technical work undertaken for identification of APECs and PCOCs, delineation of COCs and remediation to achieve numerical and/or risk-based standards.

Site investigation reports, remediation plans and confirmation of remediation reports submitted for legal instrument application are the source documents relied upon for assessment of site conditions and reviewed in a performance assessment.  These documents are expected to be comprehensive and therefore to list, review, summarize and interpret all relevant current and historical site investigation and remediation data and documentation for a site and surrounding lands.  The requirement for comprehensive reporting of site investigations and remediation is outlined in ENV’s Technical Guidance 11. Guidance for a Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation and Detailed Site Investigation and CSAP’s Practice Guidelines.

Detailed & Administrative Screening Updates:

Our most recent webinar “Lessons Learned and More” was a great success. Focusing on reviewing recent preliminary and detailed screening issues and reminders, we broke a record for most attended CSAP webinar. We note that the software we used had a limit of 100 participants, unknown to us, and some of you may not have been able to log in. Should you have missed this webinar please view at

Technical Review Updates:

Thank you to APs who responded to the Technical Review Committees’ survey about regional background concentrations in soil – we received 37 responses!

Background: From December to February 2020, a number of Approved Professionals (APs) identified to CSAP that they were seeing issues with arsenic in soil as a result of the Stage 10 Amendments to the CSR. CSAP communicated these concerns to the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy and they asked CSAP to collect more information about the issues to document concerns more thoroughly. The TRC collected more information through a member’s survey that asked questions about: location, cost implications, effect on schedules, etc.  The results of this survey have been shared with ENV and are posted for APs here.

Many TRC projects have deliverables that are posted online for easy access. Start browsing using the following link:

Membership Updates:

Renewing Membership
34 members have renewed their CSAP membership effective January 1, 2020.  The committee would like to remind all members of the importance of providing a clear and complete record of continuing professional development (CPD) hours using the CPD online tracking tool, available on the CSAP website members portal, in order to streamline the renewal review process.  Thank you.
The committee is completing updates to the Membership Guidelines which are intended to be released later summer, the most current guidelines (January 2020) are posted on the CSAP website.

New Approved Professionals
Congratulations to the following candidates who have successfully completed the CSAP experience review and examination process, and have been appointed to the roster on January 25th, 2020.

Numerical Standards Approved Professionals:

  • Darlene Atkinson
  • Lindsay Beaton
  • Paul Gardner
  • Brent Olson

Risk Assessment Approved Professionals:

  • Albert Loveridge

Important Dates

Membership Fees Due – June 9, 2020

Examination Application Deadline (new candidates) – June 5, 2020

Examination Application Deadline (members) – Sep 6, 2020

Exam Development Workshop – Sep 15 -22


  • Technical (Numeric) – Nov 3, 2020
  • Regulatory – Nov 4, 2020
  • Risk Assessment – Nov 5, 2020

Professional Development Updates:

Spring PD Workshop
9 AM to Noon, June 16, 2020
This year we are going “virtual!”  Mark your calendars for CSAP’s first annual Spring PD Workshop to be held on your computer at 9 AM on Tuesday AM, June 16, 2020.  We’ll be focusing on updates from the ministry, including presentations from the Director, and presentations on the new Site Identification and Soil Relocation processes, and ministry application processes. And we’ll get an update from the CSAP Technical Review Committee on their latest projects.  So, look for a meeting invite from CSAP in the near future.   And we’ll see you there (virtually and socially distanced)!!

Professional Development Opportunities
We (thanks to Travis Deeter) are keeping track of relevant online events and training opportunities that you may find of interest.  Now is a great time to learn remotely! Our plan is to issue quarterly summaries of these opportunities straight to your inbox.

We hope that you enjoyed the recent webinar on:

“Lessons Learned and More” on

  • Performance Assessments
  • Preliminary Screening
  • Detailed Screening
  • Summary of Site Conditions – New Annotations
  • Schedule C – How to present local background and site specific standards

Special thanks to Bob Symington, Anna Popova, Eva Gerencher, Tara Siemens Kennedy, and Erin Robson!  And if you’ve missed the webinar, no problem!  Simply go to our website and view the recording, as well as these other great topics!

If you have an idea for a webinar, please send it along to CSAP!

Other News

Ever wonder which ENV technical guidance and protocols make reference to soil vapour?  To petroleum hydrocarbons?  We are making progress on a searchable database of ENV documents that will allow you to get the answers.  We’re almost there with a simple system that is being tested now by the PD Committee!  Here is the latest:

“This is so great!” – ER

We’ll keep you posted once we’re ready to release.

And what about the Submission Manager?  We are close to having a new version ready to go – we’ll let you know when it’s ready to use.

Industry Events

List of Potential Professional Development Opportunities

Contaminant Vapor Migration and Intrusion – Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC)

  • May 5-6, 2020
  • 8hr/day, $645
  • Overview of vapor intrusion, investigation techniques, risk assessment and remediation options

Web Series Environmental Bioremediation – EPIC Training

  • May 25-28, 2020
  • 2hr/day, $560
  • Looks at Microbial biodegradation, in-situ cleanup of soil and groundwater, and
    ex-situ remediation of soil

Contaminant Vapor Migration and Intrusion – Northwest Environmental Training Center (NWETC)

  • June 16-17, 2020
  • 8hr/day, $645
  • How to turn conflict negotiations into positive and collaborative problem-solving

Contamination Seminars – Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN)

  • Weekly & Archived
  • 2hr, Free
  • International webinars presenting case studies, best practices, risks, policies, and procedures around the world for contaminated site topics
  • Many are US-focused, but technically-focused enough to be useful

Remediation Case Study Webinars – Regenesis

  • Weekly & Archived
  • Free
  • Mostly focused on products and case studies of various remediation sites

Environmental Science & Engineering Webinars – Geoenviro

  • Weekly & Archived
  • Free
  • Various environmental science and engineering topics and case studies
  • Accessible archived presentation with a subscription fee

If you have knowledge of technical events that may be of interest to members, please send the event title and date to Travis Deeter who is tracking PD events for the membership.