Ministry Updates Winter 2018 to Summer 2012

Previous Members Updates

MEMBERS UPDATE – Winter 2018

Message from the President

I would like to take a new approach to the President’s Message this Quarter and Recognize some of the wonderful women that we are so lucky to work every day at CSAP, given International Women’s Day was just March.8th.

According to the Society of Women Engineers, more than 20 per cent of engineering graduates are women, but only 11 per cent are practising engineers. Now, we are more than engineers but it is a good proxy for STEM careers.

How progressive and lucky are we to have a CSAP Professional Staff and Executive Director consisting of all women. Thank you Anna, Catherine, Janet, and Nelly for everything that you do every day.

Also, we have twelve very hard working board members, six of which happen to be women. Thank you Andrea, Anne, Beth, Eva, Tara, and Trish. Although, we elect and appoint board members based on ability not gender, a working board that is this balanced is rarer than it should be.

ENV recently announced the grandfathering period for plume stability. Contained here are the original grandfathering request and response from ENV.

See you all at the AGM.

Ministry Updates/ Clarifications:

A summary of previous Ministry Clarifications is available here.

  • A new version of Protocol 4 is available here
  • A new version of Protocol 13 is available here
  • Personnel Announcements: New Acting Director at Land Remediation.

A The Land Remediation Section is pleased to welcome Alan McCammon is our new acting Director.  Alan will fill this role into the fall when Danielle Grbavac returns.

Recent relative CS e-links issued by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy are available here.

February 5th RASIG meeting with ENV

See meeting notes here.

CSAP Committee Reports
Full content for all committee reports is available in the News section of the CSAP website.

Performance Assessment Committee Updates

Members are reminded that where communication regarding policy or other issues is sought with ENV during performance assessments (PA’s), the communication will be facilitated through the delegated member (DM) and copied to the submitting Approved Professional (AP).  ENV and the PAC have noted that in some cases parallel communications from submitting APs and the PA panel have occurred with ENV. This has resulted in delays to addendum submissions and in some cases has substantially increased the time for completion of a PA.

Detailed & Administrative Screening Update

The Detailed Screening Committee has been meeting bi-monthly and is working on a few initiatives to benefit the membership including updating of Procedure 12 Procedures for preparing and issuing contaminated sites legal instruments.

The DSC has also been tracking common issues or omissions in regulatory instrument submissions.  A summary of some of the most common are provided below and submitting APs are kindly reminded to undertake a final check of their submission for these;

  • Provide enough information in the SoSC to determine if applicable water use standards have been selected
  • Make sure that any risk controls listed on Schedule B of the instrument are consistent with the PVP and SoSC.
  • If “other” is selected under Section 4.4 of the SoSC make sure to provide clear details on what attenuation factors were applied to soils vapour and make sure this agrees with the conditions on the instrument.
  • Please check the list of substances remediated for a CoC or investigated for a Determination are consistent between the SoSC and the instrument.0

Preliminary Administrative Screening Update

5 top issues:

Wrong templates being used:

  • Old CSAP Transmittal Letter Template is used. Please use this current template: [LINK]
  • Old BH log spreadsheet template is used. Please use current template [LINK]
  1. CoC cover letter is missing mortgage holders contact information.
  2. Legal description does not match Land Title.
  3. List of reports included in the Summary of Sites Condition (SoSC) and instrument template do not include AG11 Summary.

Please refer to our website CLICK here for Submission Package Forms  for the current CSAP Transmittal Letter template, Annotated SoSC and current BH log excel spreadsheet.

Current instrument templates, cover letters and recently released ENV instruments are available through the Submission Manager:

Technical Review Updates:

The Technical Review Committee (TRC) has been busy this past quarter wrapping up a number of special projects and starting new projects. We will distribute deliverables as they become available to the membership and expect to have more specific news in the next Member’s Updates.

Every winter, the Technical Review Committee puts out a call to members for your suggestions on technical issues or concerns that you think that CSAP should be addressing. Once again, we welcome your input – please send to Catherine.

Membership Updates:

Request for Examination Development Volunteers

The Membership Committee invites interested AP’s to put their name forward to volunteer as part of the examination process. The exam development panel will be selected based on experience and a range of locations and company affiliations.

Exam Developer: The time commitment is as follows:

  • Write 2 exam questions by Thursday May 2nd, write 3 exam question by Thursday June 20.
    This is a firm deadline, no extensions will be made. [10 billable hours]
  • Attend a 2 hour writing workshop on Wed May 8th (Numerical); Thu May 9th (Regulatory), and; Fri May 10th (Risk). [2 billable hours]
  • Peer review of questions
  • Attend a 1.5 day exam development workshop on September: 10 & 11 (Numerical);
    12 & 13 (Regulatory), and; 16 & 17 (Risk) [12 billable hours].
  • Participate in one possible follow-up conference call with exam consultants after exam development workshops.

Experience Reviewers:

We encourage past and present Exam Developers volunteers to be Experience Reviewers too. The time commitment is approximately 2–4 hours per review.

Experience reviewers are paired to review each candidate’s experience presentation [maximum 4 billable hours per review]

They may need to interview the candidate in case they have doubts and the documents do not suffice for the application resolution [billable time]

Please indicate which position (Numerical, Regulatory, Risk, Experience Reviewer) you are interested in by emailing back to

Professional Development Updates:

City of Vancouver Groundwater Management – Are you aware of the City of Vancouver’s plans for groundwater management? Groundwater has traditionally been considered as a waste that can be discharged to the sewer during construction dewatering or during property management. Those days are coming to an end. Hydrogeological studies will soon be required to assess short- and long-term management options and impacts, and to determine how to best deal with this water in sustainably.  Potential impacts are multi-faceted and include, among other issues, effects of dewatering and/or re-injection on ground subsidence, interference with nearby wells, re-direction of groundwater contaminant plumes, and effects on groundwater quality. Please contact CSAP if you would like to learn more about these issues and to work with CSAP in an on-going dialogue with the City.

Webinars We hope you are able to join our live webinar on Protocol 22 (P22) and Technical Guidance 4 (TG4) on April. 11th! To learn more about PAADs, LAADs and BAADs, please check it out.

Refinement of Gas and Diesel PCOCs Importance of Vapour CSMs
Review of Revised Precluding Conditions for Vertical VAFs Application of Vapour Attenuation Adjustment Divisors (BAAD, PAAD, LAAD)

And if you miss it, no problem! Simply go to our website and view the recording, as well as these other great topics! :

  • Preparing a CSAP Submission
  • Omnibus Standards Review: Real Data-Real Results
  • SLRA and Groundwater Models
  • PA and Detailed Screening – Lessons Learned
  • Detailed Administrative Screening
  • TG4 and Trench Worker Attenuation Factors

And YES, we are working on new webinars on topics such as:

  • CLAUSE 1 AND 2 – Regulatory Instruments, Risk Conditions, PVPs, CoCs, AG11

If you have an idea for a webinar, please send it along to CSAP! (

CSAP News:

CSAP AP Forum Now Open! Join Now

CSAP would like to remind members to use the updated CSAP Transmittal Letter and Borehole Log spreadsheet.

Q&A’s available now on CSAP website. These questions and answers are posted to provide a single location for the numerous updates and clarifications that have been provided to Approved Professionals by ENV, Performance Assessors and Detailed Screeners.

CSAP Event Calendar:

LIVE Webinar: P22 & TG4 Soil Vapour

Date: April.11th, register here.

CSAP AGM & PD Workshop

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Time: 8:30 check-in, 9 am start – 4:00pm

NEW VENUE: Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront, 1133 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3T3

Register here. – Registration is closed


EGBC: Expert Witness Webinar

Date: Thursday, June 27th

Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Register here

CLICK here for more events

In The News:

Abandoned Oil Wells

B.C. to be first among western provinces to tackle inactive wells

Overhaul of B.C. environmental assessment will fail: scientists

Orphan oil and gas wells raise contamination fears on northeast B.C. farmland

B.C. Environmental Appeal Board Refuses Expert Opinion from Consultant Who Acted As Agent

In Other News:

On a humorous note…click here.


What standards apply to an engineered watercourse on or offsite?

  1. Contaminated Sites Regulation Schedule 3.2 Freshwater Aquatic Life standards
  2. BC Surface Water Quality Guidelines
  3. All of the above
  4. None of the above

To find out answer, sign up for the AP Discussion Forum here.