The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has asked the CSAP Society to expand the services that they provide: effective January 31, 2022, CSAP Society will be reviewing select applications for non-high-risk sites (* see below). These new services will include reviewing applications made to support the director’s requirements. 

How the new process works 

Documents that are needed to support ministry requirements for non-high-risk sites are to be submitted directly for review to the CSAP Society’s Review Services Committee, at  [email protected].

*Note in some instances ENV will also direct in advance for applicants to send reports associated with high-risk sites through CSAP Society. Only these reports should be sent to CSAP Society as directed.

Once the review is complete, the committee sends a report with review findings to the ministry for consideration. 

Included reports 

  • Approved Professional statements required by the ministry. 
  • Typically, as a condition of a ministry certification document. For example: CoC or AiP. 
  • Reports submitted to meet the ministry requirements. For example: Progress reports, monitoring reports, annual/biannual, quarterly or monthly reports, or other similar titles. 

Approved Professional statements or reports submitted for the site identification process (i.e., release requests) still need to be sent to [email protected] 

Confirmation of remediation report submitted in accordance with an AiP requirements are reviewed directly by ENV and should not be forwarded via CSAP Society. Requests for revising, amending, ceasing operations, altering the ministry requirements and non-compliance reports still need to be sent to CSP_cio@[email protected] 

Note, if submitting a qualifying monitoring report or other report that qualifies for CSAP RSC review at the same time you are requesting a revision (i.e. revision/amendment/ceasing/altering) to an ENV reporting requirement, then two submissions are required as the monitoring report will be reviewed by RSC and the request to revise your commitments will be reviewed by ENV.  They are two separate submissions, each entering a queue of a different length.  As such, we recommend you consider whether the monitoring report and request to revise the current commitments should be reported separately or together.  If your monitoring report and request to revise current commitments are prepared as one document, please forward one copy to RSC (with the supporting documents including CSSAF) and a separate copy to ENV (with the supporting documents including CSSAF). Regardless of whether the monitoring report and request for revision to your commitments are prepared as one or two documents, separate applications should be made to CSAP Society and ENV. Please include background information with each submission so its clear to the RSC and ENV reviewers that separate requests have been sent to both concurrently. 

For a detailed description of Review Services now being conducted by CSAP Society, you are directed to the presentation below: 

Review Services Webinar CSAP slides 

The following document summarizes the of report types that now must be forwarded to CSAP Society, and not ENV, for review, assuming the sites are not high risk. 

Scope of Services 

Please use the following Transmittal Letter when preparing your application package for Review Services: 

RS Transmittal Letter (mandatory, please submit in Word format) 

A Contaminated Sites Service Application Form (CSSAF) is to be included with the application packages that are submitted to CSAP Society for review under this process. The online fillable CSSAF is available on the ministry’s Site Remediation forms webpage. 

Although not mandatory, you are encouraged to use the checklist below when preparing your application package for Review Services: 

RRS Checklist (not mandatory, but recommended as a useful tool for a successful report). 

Applications to CSAP Society for Review Services must be accompanied by a cheque. For amounts, please see the link below: 

RRS Submissions Fee Schedule  (added to CSAP P6 Submission Schedule)